A downloadable game for Windows and macOS

Nightlight was created in six days for my first jam, Platformer Week hosted by 8 Bits to Infinity.

You're a young child who fears the dark. However, it isn't the absence of light that frightens you. It's the monsters that lurk there, prowling and waiting to pounce. One night, all of that changes when a peculiar friend visits you and takes you on a strange journey to remedy those fears. Your trusty weapon: your nightlight.

Due to overscoping, this is only a prototype showcasing a few of the mechanics that were added.

Artwork and development by me.

Music and sounds by Chris Logsdon - https://chrislsound.itch.io/ | https://chrislsound.com/


Nightlight.zip 57 MB
Nightlight_mac.zip 57 MB


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it may have been a short lets play however it looks promising

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